Wood-Mizer Introduces EG100 Twin-Blade Board Edger

Wood-Mizer introduces the EG100 twin blade board edger designed for sawyers looking for a low cost, highly durable edger to improve overall production and efficiency by edging sideboards and slabs.


Wood-Mizer Introduces FS350 Skid Steer Log Splitter

Wood-Mizer introduces the FS350 skid steer log splitter engineered for farming and ranching operations that already have a skid steer loader or front loader. 


Wood-Mizer Announces Personal Best Contest Winners

Wood-Mizer announces winners of their 2017 Personal Best Contest - a tradition since 1985 that recognizes Wood-Mizer sawmill owners who have built dream woodworking projects by sawing their own lumber. 


Wood-Mizer Introduces Economical LT15START Sawmill

Wood-Mizer introduces the LT15START sawmill engineered specifically for sawyers looking for an American-made sawmill that is low cost, highly durable, and saws accurately. The compact, economical LT15START joins the popular LT15 sawmill series known throughout the world for its quality, versatility, and affordability.


Wood-Mizer Introduces Products into the Sawmilling, Firewood, and Pallet Recycling Industries

Within the past several years, Wood-Mizer has expanded their sawmilling equipment and blades offerings in timber processing markets while also entering into new markets including the firewood and pallet recycling industries.


Wood-Mizer Introduces Large Capacity HR700 Industrial Resaw

Wood-Mizer introduces a large capacity, modular, multi-head HR700 industrial resaw to their expanding product range. The industrial resaw is the latest addition to the broad range of Wood-Mizer sawmilling equipment engineered for weekend woodworkers through to high-production commercial operations all over the world.


Wood-Mizer Introduces Pallet Hawg® Pallet Dismantler

Wood-Mizer introduces a pallet dismantling bandsaw to their diverse and growing product line. Wood-Mizer now owns and manufactures the popular Pallet Hawg® pallet dismantling machine that has earned a worldwide reputation for being extremely durable and reliable through a simple and innovative design.


Wood-Mizer Founder, Dan Tekulve, Passes Away

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Wood-Mizer co-founder Dan Tekulve. On April 22, Dan lost his battle with cancer at the age of 71. Dan Tekulve, alongside co-founder Don Laskowski, was responsible for inventing the thin-kerf portable bandsaw mill that led to the establishment of Wood-Mizer in 1982.


Wood-Mizer Introduces LX450 Twin Rail Sawmill

Wood-Mizer introduces the LX450 sawmill – the first Wood-Mizer LX series sawmill released in North America. The addition of the LX sawmill series makes Wood-Mizer the first and only company to give sawyers the choice between a monorail or twin rail sawmill in order to accommodate various sawing applications and preferences.


A Smarter Sawmill for a Better Forest Future

By using smarter solutions, sawmillers throughout the world can improve their profitability while reducing timber requirements, costs, and waste.



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