EA3000 Edging System

Description / EA3000 Edging SYSTEM

With up to 4x independantly movable saws, Wood-Mizer’s EA3000 optimizing edger uses advanced optical scanning technology to achieve high-precision automated edging results that minimizes waste and provide the yields needed by sawmills to generate industry-leading returns. An affordable price tag, matched to industry leading features makes the EA3000 accessible to any sawmill focusing on higher returns at reduced costs.

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Wood-Processing Machines | EA3000 Edging System

Our most versatile vision optimizing edger.
Board Unscrambler
For Smart Processing Lines with Optimizing Edgers.
horizontal Resaw
Centering System
Centering systems for Wood-Mizer’s Multirips and Horizontal Resaws with Autofeeding Conveyor

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