PN100 Pallet Notcher

Compact single pallet notcher with top-notch features including industry-leading carbide-tipped cutter head, up to 300 double-notched stringers per hour production, single or three-phase electric power, ergonomic clamping system, push feed and return table, safe user-friendly design, and more!



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Notch up to two stringers at a time with the PN100 pallet notcher! Available in single or three-phase electric power, the PN100 features an industry-leading carbide-tipped cutter head for consistent and accurate notching with a production rating of up to 300 double-notched stringers per hour. In addition, the ergonomic clamping system reduces material re-alignment needs while the push feed and return table is safe and user-friendly for clamping or reloading material. Combine these top-notch features with the industry-leading reliability and durability of Wood-Mizer equipment for a pallet notcher you and your business can depend on.

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Features | PN100 Pallet Notcher

Up to 300 Double-Notched Stringers Per Hour

Produce up to 300 double-notched stringers per hour with one operator.

Single Notch up to Two Stringers Per Cycle

Efficiently single notch one 4” x 4” stringer or two 2” x 4” stringers up to 96” long with each pass of the table.

Ergonomic Clamping System

Safely secure stringers against the board stop during the cutting cycle with the ergonomic handlebar that activates the ratchet clamp lock system.

Simple Push Feed & Return Table

With material safely secured, the unique counterbalance table is pushed over the cutter head for notching. The table returns and remains at the starting position for loading, unloading or changing position of the material for the next cycle.

Industry-Leading Carbide-Tipped Cutter Head

An indexable carbide-tipped cutter head (10” diameter x 9” wide and 2” diameter arbor) with replaceable blade inserts consistently and accurately creates 1-1/2” deep x 9” wide notches. The cutter head features an extended safety guard for additional protection.

Powerful Single or Three-Phase Electric Motor

Powerful 10HP 240V or 480V 3-phase, 10HP 240V 1-phase, and 15HP 240V or 480V 3-phase electric motors are available for any type of electrical set-up. The motor is engaged using an enclosed magnetic start/stop control.

Convenient Dust Collection Port

Convenient 10” diameter dust collection port keeps sawdust away from the machine and work area when connected with a dust collection system. 2,000 cfm recommended for dust collection. The dust collection port includes additional barriers to keep the cutter-head safely out of reach from the port.

Durable Table and Frame with Premium Steel

The table and frame are constructed of premium quality steel to withstand continuous production demands stringer after stringer.

Strong Construction and Compact Design

The PN100 is strongly built and compact – only taking up 43” wide (108” wide with extension arms) by 45” deep of valuable floor space. At 760 pounds, the PN100 includes built in forklift pockets for easy mobility around the shop.

Premium Quality Manufacturing by Wood-Mizer in North America

Manufacturing the PN100 pallet notcher by the Wood-Mizer owned and operated factory in the United States provides for the best combination of premium quality equipment at a low cost to you. With decades of manufacturing experience, Wood-Mizer employees in the heart of the Midwest USA have been manufacturing high-quality Wood-Mizer equipment for global markets since 1982. Sales of parts and blades, service, and support are always available through your local Wood-Mizer representative.

Specifications | PN100 Pallet Notcher

Power Selections
10HP 240V 1Ph
10HP 240V 3Ph
10HP 480V 3Ph
15HP 240V 3Ph
15HP 480V 3Ph
Cutter Head
10" diameter x 9" wide x 2" dia. arbor
Blade Type
Carbide-tipped inserts
Notch dimensions
1-1/2" deep x 9" wide
(2) 2" x 4" or one 4" x 4" stringer up to 96" long
Production rate
300 double notched stringers/hour
Dust Collection Port
10" Diameter
Dust Collection Rate
2,000 cfm recommended
43" L x 45" W x 42" H (108" W with extension arms)
760 lbs