MP100 Log Moulder/Planer

Open the Door to More Possibilities

The MP100 log molder/planer opens the door to more possibilities and dream projects. Perfect for custom builders, craftsman, woodworkers, and small sawmill operations, the MP100 is a specialized molder head that planes and molds beams and columns that join together perfectly. Once you have squared up a log, you are ready to let the log molder/planer do the rest.

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Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

MP100 Log Molder/Planer Blade Close up

Optional profile knives slide in and are locked into place

MP100 Log Molder/Planer Planed Board

Finished lumber gives more flexibility and higher resell value

MP100 Log Molder/Planer Stacked Profile

Different knife profiles give you a range of possibilities.



Bed Sections (6' 8" each)
Bed Kit - (2 log clamp assemblies, 34' of 5/16" rope, and end end stops)
Knife Clamps
Profiling Clamp (minimum of 2 required)
 Knife Profiles

Optional Knife Profiles

MP100 Log Molder/Planer D Face

MP100 Profile
#2 D-Face Knife Set

MP100 Log Molder/Planer Cope Set

MP100 Profile
Swedish Cope Set

MP100 Log Molder/Planer T and G

MP100 Profile
#1 T&G Set


Material Width

Min. 0.25"
Max. 20.5"

Material Height Min. 2.5"
Max. 23.5"
Push / Crank Manual
Head Height Adjustment Manual
Number of Knives 4 (Straight knives included)
Maximum Molding Width 16" (Planing capacity 20.5")
Power Options

7.5HP Elec 230V 1Ph
(100 amp service with 70 amp class "J" fuse)

6HP Elec 460V 3Ph
(30 amp service with 15 amp class "J" fuse)