FS300 29-Ton Commercial Log Splitter

Compact, powerful hydraulic log splitter with one-directional wood splitting, 390cc Honda gas engine, 29 tons of force, 3-way wedge, and firewood production up to 1 cord/hr. *Shown with optional log lift.

Compact and powerful log splitter for entry-level firewood operations

Powered by a Honda 390cc petrol engine, the FS300 makes splitting wood simple with the ability to produce firewood up to 1 cord per hour from logs up to 610mm long. Combining 26 metric tonnes of splitting force with a 2-stage hydraulic pump at 83.3 LPM, the FS300 can efficiently split large rounds of tough and knotty wood with the one-way split design.

Built to last, the FS300 features a heavy-duty, tube-in-tube steel frame which makes it three-times the weight of comparable wood splitters. The standard trailer makes the FS300 completely portable and road ready with a 997kg torsion axle, stabilizing hitch, and LED lights for towing. The ergonomically designed deck level is 305mm higher than comparable splitters to provide a comfortable working height for the operator and the convenient operator panel allows simple, intuitive left/right controls for the log splitter and up/down controls for the log lift (optional).

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To prepare for splitting, logs are loaded manually or with a log lift (optional). Once a log is loaded, the push block is engaged by moving the hydraulic lever to the left to push the log through the standard 3-way wedge (4-way, 5-way, and 5-way bundle wedge optional). The lower portion of the log is split into rectangular firewood for easy stacking with the first pass. Once the push block is moved back to the right, the remaining upper portion of the log is loaded and the push block is engaged to finish splitting. Split material is automatically moved and sorted through a slotted wing tray.


  • One-directional splitting
  • Honda petrol 390cc engine
  • 26 tonne splitting force
  • 83.3 LPM, 2-stage hydraulic pump
  • 1 cord/hour production

Built in the USA, the FS300 log splitter ships on a single pallet and comes fully assembled so you can begin making firewood within minutes of receiving your log splitter. With a 1-year warranty, the FS300 is backed by the same legendary service, quality and safety features shared by the entire the family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

Completely Portable

Featuring a 997kg torsion axle, stabilizing hitch.

Simple Shipping and Assembly

Shipped on a single 88" x 66" pallet.

Optional Wedges

4" Tall Wedge Options


Operational Footprint 3.05m (120") front to back x 1.83m (72") wide x 0.9m (36") high
Splitting Function One Direction
Maximum Log Length 610mm (24")
Optimum Log Diameter 610mm-660mm (24"- 26")
Production Rate** (cords/hr) 1
Splitting (tons/psi) 26mt (29 tons)
Engine Type/Size Honda Petrol /390 cc
Starter Electric
Pump 2 Stage - 83.28LPM (22GPM)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 68.14L (18 Gallons) System Capacity 87L (23 Gallons)
Cylinder Size 127mm (5") 
Frame Construction Tube-in-tube steel
Log Lift Optional
Wing Trays One
3-Way Wedge (102mm / 4" h) Standard
4-Way Wedge (102mm / 4" h) Optional
5-Way Wedge (102mm / 4" h) Optional
5-Way Bundle Wedge (89mm / 3.5" h) Optional
Trailer Standard
Axle (Torsion/lbs) 997kg (2,200 lbs)
Hitch 51mm (2") SAE4
Shipping Pallet 2.23m x 1.52m (88" x 60")
Shipping Weight 807kg (1,780lbs)