FS500 Dual Action 42-Ton Commercial Log Splitter

FS500 Dual Action 42-Ton Commercial Log Splitter

High-production, commercial log splitter with bi-directional wood splitting, 630cc Honda gas engine, 4.5 second cycle time, 42 tons of force, 3-way wedge, log lift, and firewood production up to 3 cords/hr.

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The FS500 log splitter is a powerful, high-production wood splitter ideal for commercial wood splitting operations without the high cost investment of a firewood processor.

Powered by a Honda 630cc gas engine, the FS500 makes splitting wood simple with the ability to produce firewood up to 3 cords per hour from logs up to 24” long. With the standard bi-directional push block, 4.5 second cycle time, 42 tons of splitting force, and 2-stage hydraulic pump at 28 GPM, the FS500 can split wood at double the rate of one-directional log splitters.

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FS500 Features:

  • Bi-directional splitting
  • Honda gas 630cc engine
  • 42 ton splitting force
  • 28 GPM, 2-stage hydraulic pump
  • Up to 3 cords/hour production
FS500 Log Splitter Features

Orange 1  Double Your Production

Bi-directional push block increases production up to two times more than one directional splitters.


Orange 2  Increase Efficiency

Unique design of 3,4, & 5-way splitting wedges produce accurate and consistent pieces with no need for re-splitting.

Orange 3  Comfortable and Convenient

Extra wide wing trays collect split pieces while keeping them at working height for stacking or bundling.


Orange 4  Ready to Work

FS500 Tube in TubeHeavy duty, tube -in-tube steel frame, and three-times the weight of standard log splitters.

Orange 5  Increase Productivity

Log lift conveniently positioned on the operator's side for fast and simple loading by a single operator.


Orange 6  Save Your Back

Ergonomically-designed deck level 12" higher than comparable splitters.



FS500 Easy to Ship

Simple Assembly

Shipped on a single (88" x 60") pallet and assembled in minutes with only 7 bolts to secure before operation.

FS500 Tray

Optional Wedges

4" Tall Wedge Options



The veteran-owned and operated MB Tree and Landscape in Sturgis, South Dakota was established in 2010 by Matt King. As the business expanded, Matt found that he could receive up to five times more profit by producing firewood and lumber instead of selling raw timber from the trees he removed. By adding these wood products to his business, the tree service has grown from one man with a pickup truck into a full scale operation with half a dozen employees providing tree removal, firewood, lumber, and seasonal services to clients throughout western South Dakota.

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Other Log Splitter Models

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  Operational Footprint 139" (front to back) x 177" (wide) x 47" (high)
Splitting Capacity
  Splitting Function Bi-Directional
  Maximum Log Length 24"
  Optimum Log Diameter 24"- 26"
  Production Rate** (cords/hr) 2-3
  Cycle Time (sec) 4.5
  Splitting (tons/psi) 42 Ton / 3,000psi
  Engine Type/Size Honda Gas/630 cc
  Starter Electric
  Oil Cooler Standard
  Pump (gpm) 2 Stage - 28GPM
  Hydraulic Tank Capacity (gal) 20 (System Capacity 25)
  Cylinder Size 5" (6" Optional)
  Frame Construction Tube-in-tube steel
  Log Lift Standard
  Wing Trays Standard
  3-Way Wedge (4" h) Standard
  4-Way Wedge (4" h) Optional
  5-Way Wedge (4" h) Optional
  5-Way Bundle Wedge (3.5" h) Optional
  Trailer Standard
  Axle (Torsion/lbs) 3,500
  Hitch 2" SAE4
  Shipping Pallet 88" x 60"
  Shipping Weight 2,960lbs
**Production rates will vary.

Load the wood to be split.

Position wood for first pass.

Engage hydraulic lever to push wood through the wedge.

Second pass removes additional pieces off of the bottom.

Additional pass splits remaining pieces.

Rectangular firewood for easy stacking.

Wood-Mizer Log Splitter CatalogDownload the free Wood-Mizer log splitter catalog featuring detailed information and specifications on the FS150, FS300, FS350, FS350 Skid Steer, and FS500 wood splitters. Please provide us with your contact information so we can send you a free catalog today!