Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter

Introducing the compact and powerful Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter for entry-level firewood operations. Watch Video


How to Coil, Uncoil, and Invert a Blade

Learn how to coil, uncoil, and invert a bandsaw blade for your sawmill. Watch Video


Service And Maintenance: Winterizing your Sawmill

Get your portable sawmill ready for those colder months of the year. Watch Video


Vortex Dust Removal Blade

This dust removal blade will CLEAR THE DUST from your cut like no other blade on the market. Watch Video


BMT250 Automatic Dual Tooth Setter

The BMT250 is the most productive and efficient dual tooth setter available by Wood-Mizer. Watch Video


BMS250 Sharpener

The BMS250 bandsaw blade sharpener is made for the professional who needs to maintain their sawmill blades with time-saving, assured accuracy. Watch Video


BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter

The BMT150 is a manually operated tooth setter that sets two teeth at a time. Watch Video


BMT200 Manual Dual Tooth Setter

The manual BMT200 uses a handle mounted in front of the box frame instead of an electrical control box. Watch Video


BMT100 Manual Tooth Setter

The BMT100 is a manually operated economical tooth setter that sets one tooth at a time. Watch Video


19/25 HP Kohler Engine Fix

Kohler 19/25 HP floating choke fix. Watch Video


Drive Belt Tension for 2016 and Newer LT15/28/35 Sawmill Models

Your LT15's, LT28, and LT35 sawmills have a new process for easily checking and changing your drive belt tension. This new method only works for... Watch Video


BMS500 Sharpener

The BMS500 bandsaw blade sharpener is made for larger production sawmills that need to maintain sawmill blades with time-saving, assured accuracy. Watch Video


BMST50 Sharpener & Setter

Sharpen and set bandsaw blades all-in-one machine with this efficient, space saving unit.

Watch Video


Industrial Sawmill Business Spotlight - Honey Grove Hardwoods

Honey Grove Hardwoods upgraded their commercial grade lumber operation by installing a Wood-Mizer WM4000 Industrial Sawmill. Watch Video


My Wood-Mizer Story - Jesse Matras

Inspired by Wood-Mizer owner dream projects, Jesse Matras builds a cabin retreat for his family. Watch Video


Hydraulic Tension Fluid - LT30/LT40/LT50

Adding hydraulic fluid to the LT30/LT40/LT50 Sawmills. Watch Video


How to Lubricate a WM4000 Control Joystick

How to fix those sticky joystick buttons on the WM4000 controls. Watch Video


Checking the Cam Follower Bearings

Inspecting the Cam Follower Bearings on the cantilever mounted sawmill. Watch Video


How to Double Coil Fold a Bandsaw Blade

How to double coil and extra long sawmill blade. Watch Video


Blade Guide Arm Alignment

Adjusting the blade guide alignment on your Wood-Mizer Sawmill. Watch Video



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