Nathan Shewchuk - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

"I was tired of the city and wanted nothing more than to move into a remote part of Canada and build a house, so I did. I looked into a few different sawmills but found nothing compared to Wood-Mizer. All in all, I had the time of my life and owe many people for their knowledge and skills, this [home] would not have happened without that." - Nathan Shewchuk, British Columbia

Click here to read Nathan's story of building his own home.


Jesse Matras - LT40 Super Hydraulic Sawmill

"There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing something you dreamed up in your own mind come to life as you build it with your own lumber and with your own two hands. This cabin would not exist if I did not have a Wood-Mizer. My wife says that the best decision I ever made was buying my Wood-Mizer, second only to marrying her." - Jesse Matras, New Hampshire



Mark Watts - LT35 Hydraulic Sawmill

"This project could not have become a reality without the LT35 and help of so many. We were able to milk cows again in the barn that our parents started in 1960, that is something that can not be put into words." - Mark Watts, New York



David Dove - LT15 Sawmill

"[The LT15] is the best tool I've ever bought and it has never let me down." - David Dove



Michael Connelley - LT15 Sawmill

"My dad and brothers went in together and bought our LT15 about 5 years ago. My project and others we have done have paid for it more than once. The time shared together on our projects and discussions we have had are priceless. Our only regret is that we did not become sawyers 10 to 20 years earlier. Without spending a fortune, the LT15 can complete any project you dream about." - Michael Connelley, Alabama 



Bryan Summerlin - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

 "People are always surprised to see how nice the boards look right off of the LT40HD sawmill. Everyone enjoys the spaciousness of the deck, and people like the curved handrails. The kids really like the deck surrounding the large douglas fir tree. For us, having our Wood-Mizer sawmill is priceless."- Bryan Summerlin, Oregon


Bryan Summerlin - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

"This was a very large project for us. It was inspirational to watch the pavilion develop. Everyone that helped were either friends or family, it was a group effort and everyone that worked on the building shared the same goal of quality craftsmanship."- Bryan Summerlin, Oregon



Bryan Summerlin - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

"Most people that look at it are in awe of the craftsmanship and can't believe all the wood is rough cut and not run through the planer. We could not wait to start our next Wood-Mizer project."- Bryan Summerlin, Oregon


Bryan Summerlin - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

"No one has ever seen a bench quite like this."- Bryan Summerlin, Oregon


Luke Bishop - LT35 Hydraulic Sawmill

"I am blown away that all of the materials came from the [LT35] sawmill with the exception of the dry wall and metal. I love it and can't wait to start another [project]." - Luke Bishop, Arkansas


Beau Duman - LT30 Sawmill

"The entire project, design, build, millworks, copper and glazing was done in house. the construction method was entirely custom to the building and design. I would like to give a big thank you to my client for giving me the opportunity to fulfill her desires and create this piece for many generations to enjoy." - Beau Duman, Washington


Jeff Johnson - LT15 Sawmill

"The LT15 with the bed extensions have been invaluable. We wouldn't have been able to create the structures it has enabled us to do over the past 10 years."- Jeff Johnson, North Carolina



Stephen Antony - LT40 Super Hydraulic Sawmill

"I wanted something more interesting than the same old pine tongue and groove look. Being able to cut logs with short branches sticking out enables me to give a project a more rustic look. By using my own logs and the Wood-Mizer sawmill, I was able to save several thousand dollars." - Stephen Antony, Minnesota



Mike Guglielmo - LT15 Sawmill

"I love my Wood-Mizer LT15, it allows me to saw the lumber I want and to build whatever I want. I am only limited by my own ability."- Mike Guglielmo, Connecticut


Nicholas Spooner - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

This picturesque 3,000 square foot barn required about 19,000 board feet of sawn lumber, all of it milled on Nicholas' LT40 Hydraulic portable sawmill. The ability to mill 100% of the hemlock, ash, oak, cherry posts, beams, boards, pegs, and splines needed to  construct the barn allowed Nicholas to estimate a total savings of about $10,000.


David Poston - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

Once seeing his completed table for the first time, David said he felt, "a bucket full of joy!" The response from others has been nothing less. "The first thing they say is 'can you make me one?' My LT40 is not just a bandmill, but a family member. I wouldn't have it any other way."- David Poston, South Carolina 


Dan Conder - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

"This exceeded my expectations. I love the chance to help others and paying it forward, also Wood-Mizer support. Milling has become almost a ministry for me in my retirement years. Finding neat projects to get involved in and making them possible."- Dan Conder



Peter Legere - LT15 Sawmill

"Besides the fact that my wife calls me a woodchuck, I have owned two LT15 sawmills. After purchasing 10 wooded acres, I knew I wanted another LT15. The size, ease of use, and quality made it a no-brainer."- Peter Legere, Maine



Kent Mitchell - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

"The building is entirely built of lumber logged on our land and milled on my mill, except for the front. Over the years, I have built a storage building for my son, a barn in Maine, and have helped neighbors and friends saw logs they had a particular desire to use. I love my sawmill. Everywhere I walk in the house includes something I made with the help of the Wood-Mizer, and boy it feels good!" - Kent Mitchell, Vermont



David Watters - LT15 Sawmill

Using the Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill, David sawed 90% of the wood needed for the project and shared that the mill while "small but mighty, was invaluable" for the job. Additionally, the MP100 Molder / Planer attachment was "essential in providing a smooth timber surface that the client desired." David said, "This versatile machine [LT15] has been a real value and money maker for our company. [This project] proves that timber frame homes can be a great choice for building and thanks to our Wood-Mizer we were able to build it."



Kylan Williams - LT40 Sawmill

"I do lots of creative projects using my sawmill far more than just producing lumber products. This project afforded the opportunity for almost everything I use it for. Everyone that sees this home thinks its amazing, I put my heart into all of it." - Kylan Williams, Oregon



Thomas Thomas - LT28 Sawmill

"This home is my final house. My concept was to build a very well-designed, detailed, and efficient home that would stand the test of time. My family helped in all phases of post and beam framing, I could not have done it without them. This would not have been possible without my well used Wood-Mizer LT28 sawmill, and my wife - she's a trooper." - Tom Thomas, Washington



Scott Brockway - LT50 Sawmill

"I am one of only a few builders around that could have done this project using standing trees on the customer's property to build a completed sugar shack. People who see it seem to be impressed that I was able to mill all the lumber and then build it." - Scott Brockway, Massachusetts



Russell Martin - LT70 Sawmill



Tyler Verdery - LT40 Sawmill




Mark Garner - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill




Loren Snavely - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill




John Hubbard - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill




Robert Hughes - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill




Robert Hughes - LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill




Stan Dixon - LT15 Sawmill