LT35 Hydraulic Sawmill

Redefining Affordability for Hydraulic Sawmills

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Gas Powered Walk Along Electric Feed  32 Inch Cut

Reduce Labor While Increasing Productivity

The LT35HD comes with complete hydraulic log handling and is the first step to reducing labor and increasing productivity. Rugged and compact, this mill will be there where you need it the most and will rise to your challenges.

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

SimpleSet Setworks

SimpleSet Setworks & Powered Head Controls
Makes sawing fast, accurate and simple.

Blade Guide Arm

Blade Guide Arm
Easily move blade guide arm from operators position to increase accuracy.

Hydraulic Loading Arms
Lifts log onto bed.

Hydraulic Toeboards
For precise log leveling.

Hydraulic Log Turner
Turning a log or cant for the next cut is easy.

Hydraulic Clamp & Two Hydraulic Side Supports
Secure and stabilize the log.

Pergola built by Duane Huinker and his LT35 sawmill. See more projects like this one.


Log Capacity
32" dia. x 21' long
Maximum Width of Cut
Production Capability
Up to 500 bd ft/hr
3,700 lbs (1,678kg)
Power Options
25HP Gas
17HP Diesel

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Fine Adjustment Outriggers (Set of Six) More Info
Debarker More Info
Two Additional Hydraulic Side Supports

Keep debris away from your blades without the hassle of power-washing.


Cant Hooks More Info
Log Carrier More Info
Log Arches More Info
Resaw Attachment More Info
Shingle & Lapsider  More Info 
Lathe-Mizer  More Info
Bed Extensions (6', 12', or 24') More Info
Board Outfeed Table More Info
Spare Tire  More Info
Sawmill Covers  More Info 

LT40 Manual

up to 400 bf/hr

36" Dia. x 21' Long
26HP Gas (Upgrades Available)
Electric Feed
Optional Hydraulic Log Loading Kit 

LT40 Hydraulic

up to 550 bf/hr

36" Dia. X 21' Long
26HP Gas (Upgrade Available)
Electric Feed
Optional Operator Seat