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Quality, Single-head Resaw

This quality, single-head resaw was designed to run all day for many years.

The steel track and heavy duty construction makes for a machine that will need minimal maintenance. Angled side rollers pull material tight against the belt and the sawing head can tilt to produce angled material.

The compact size and simple operation will fit seamlessly into high production operations to small workshops.

Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Steel Belt

Steel Belt Conveyor
The durable steel belt provides longer life and less downtime than rubber belts.

Tilting Cutting Head
The cutting head (not the track) tilts up to 8°, leaving the track flat to easily integrate into material handling system.

Angled Side Rollers

Angled Side Rollers
Material is continuously driven down against the steel conveyor belt to ensure an accurate cut.

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  • Flexible - resaw cants or boards, or rip lumber with thin-kerf technology

  • Compact - minimum space means maximum overall mill efficiency

  • Clean design - only the features you need, saving you time and energy costs

Resaw Options

Lube System
Table Assembly (Set of 3)


10HP (7.5kW) Elec 220V 1Ph, 100 Amp
20HP (15kW) Elec 230V/60Hz 3Ph, 100 Amp
20HP (15kW) Elec 380V/60Hz 3Ph, 60 Amp
20HP (15kW) Elec 460V/60Hz 3Ph, 60 Amp
25HP (18.6kW) Elec 230V/60Hz 3Ph, 100 Amp
25HP (18.6kW) Elec 460V/60Hz 3Ph, 60 Amp
Length 158" (4m) 
Width 1.25"-1.5" (32mm-38mm)
Cutting Capacity
Min. cut height
0.25" (6mm)
Max. cut height
10.5" (267mm)
Max. material height
16" (400mm)
Min. material length
18" (457mm)
Max. material length
Min. width
2" (50mm)
Max. width
10" (250mm) 
Blade Wheel
Diameter 24" (610mm)
Type Belted Cast Steel
Feed System
Conveyor Steel, 7.5" (190 mm)
Feed Rate
0-100 ft/min (0-30 m/min)
Dimensions & Requirements
6' 4" (1.93m)
6' 10" (2.08)
7'7" (2.3m)
Weight 1,200 lbs (544kg)