Automatic Dual Tooth Setter

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The BMT250 is the most productive and efficient dual tooth setter available by Wood-Mizer. This machine will automatically set both sides of the blade to extreme accuracy. With the dial indicators mounted on each side, the teeth can be set within .001-.002 accuracy. With the electrical control station, the operator can allow the tooth setter to operate automatically providing trusted quality set. The adjustable tooth counter will shut down the feed system once the blade has been completely set.


Blade Capacity
1" - 3" (25mm - 76mm)
Tooth Space Indexing
1/2" - 1-1/4" (6mm - 32mm)
Auto start/stop
Production Capability
Industrial / Professional
120V / 240V


  • Adjustable pushers for precise tooth set.
  • Adjustable tooth space indexing for ½" up to 1-1⁄4" toothspacing
  • Blade height adjustment knobs for 1" - 3" wide blades
  • Dial indicators for accurate measurement of tooth set
  • Easy to install blade & clamping mechanism
  • Tooth counter adjustable for different length bands


  • Accurate
  • Auto shut off
  • Tooth setter gauge for calibration included

Electrical auto feed control box includes:

  • Adjustable sensor that counts teeth
  • Auto/manual toggle switch for tooth advancement
  • Stop/reset button
  • Tooth counter adjustable for different length bands
  • Motor on/off indicator light