Manual Dual Tooth Setter

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The BMT200 is the manual version of the BMT250. Rather than utilizing an electrical control box to operate the dual tooth setter, a handle is mounted in front of the box frame. The BMT200 handle is cranked in a counter clockwise motion to advance the blade and set the teeth. This simple-to-use crank handle sets two teeth per revolution with the same precision and accuracy as the BMT250. The operator must mark the starting position on the blade (weld) and go around the entire blade until this position is reached again.


  • Manual hand crank operation
  • Adjustable pushers for precise tooth set
  • Adjustable tooth space indexing for ½" up to 11⁄4" toothspacing
  • Blade height adjustment knobs for 1" – 3" wide blades
  • Dial Indicators for accurate measurement of tooth set
  • Easy to install blade & clamping mechanism


  • Tooth setter gauge for calibration included
  • Efficiently sets both sides


Blade Capacity
1" - 3" (25mm - 76mm)
Tooth Space Indexing
1/2" - 1-1/4" (6mm - 32mm)
Manual Crank Handle
Production Capability
Professional / Shop