Manual Tooth Setter

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Economical Tooth Setter

The BMT100 is a manually operated economical tooth setter that sets one tooth at a time. This unit contains a dial indicator that accurately measures the tooth set while the blade is manually advanced by hand, setting one side at a time. Once this entire side is set the blade must be inverted for completion of teeth on the other side. This manual tooth setter will ensure that your set is symmetrical and consistent tooth-to-tooth and side-to side. The BMT100 is a reliable option for low volume operations that demand consistent set patterns. This setter comes with a “Bend Back Tool” that allows for correcting over set teeth.


  • Easy to operate manual crank handle
  • Adjustable clamp nut for handle positioning
  • Adjustable toothset dial indicator
  • Blade indexing pawls for adjusting tooth spacing
  • Blade height adjustment screws for 1" - 2" wide blades
  • Adjustable set screw for setting point location
  • Blade support arms


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to operate
  • Precise set reading


Blade Capacity
1" - 2" (25mm - 51mm)
Tooth Space Indexing
1/2" - 1-1/4" (6mm - 32mm)
Manual Crank Handle
Production Capability