Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter

Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter

Introducing the compact and powerful Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter for entry-level firewood operations. Equipped with a 390CC gas engine to produce 29 tons of force, the completely portable FS300 Log Splitter is able to split large rounds of tough and knotty wood with a one-way split design. Featuring a heavy-duty trailer package and 2-stage hydraulic pump, the reliable FS300 offers upgrades including 4-way or 5-way wedges and an optional log lift for the ability to split wood efficiently and save you the heavy lifting.
FS300 Log Splitter Features

• One-directional wood splitting

• Honda gas 390cc engine

• 29 ton splitting force

• 22 GPM, 2-stage hydraulic pump

• 1 full cord/hour firewood production

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