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Customer Spotlight: Two Friends, Two LT15s

Operating two growing and thriving businesses that enable six families to make a living, Neptali Lopez and Gabriel Gómez run two Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmills to produce lumber for a variety of indoor furniture in Xalapa, Mexico.

"At first, my father got into this business and over time, he gave me the opportunity to take it over. I started cutting wood from a farm in the local town. Then, I started buying from third parties. My intention was to grow the business,” says Neptali.

"From the start, I witnessed the Wood-Mizer sawmill in action, observing the quality of cut and high output of the machine. For that, I know a carpenter here from Vega de la Torre, a friend named Gabriel Gómez. He has a Wood-Mizer LT15, so I asked him if they were good machines. He told me they were, that he's had his for two years and it works perfectly. His sawmill has not broken down at all and he is very satisfied. Gabriel recommended that I buy a Wood-Mizer because they're excellent machines and I won't regret it,” says Neptali.

“We purchased this machine due to the quality and speed that wood is cut, and the yield of the wood with the bandsaw blades we’re using,” says Gabriel. “The machine allows the cut to be more accurate and faster, with output that doesn’t compare to anything else.”

“The end use of the wood, after sawing on this machine, is doors, windows, kitchens, handrails – anything a household needs. We're here to make furniture to one's liking. With the use of this equipment, one can say that six families survive,” shares Gabriel.

“We work with wood cut in different dimensions of length – 8, 9, 10 feet long and 1 to 2 inches thick, which is what the customer asks for most,” explains Neptali.


“I'm 100% certain that the LT15 is a machine with a very high production capability. It has helped us pull through and stay ahead as well as meet the production demanded by our clients. It's a powerful machine, regardless of if you use it slowly, if you strain it...however you want to use it, it will work,” shares Neptali.

“I'm proud of having bought this machine and I'd gladly recommend it to any friend. I recommended this machine to my colleague because I knew it would speak for itself,” says Gabriel.

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