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Customer Spotlight: Group CYP


Located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Group CYP constructs vacation homes, hotel gazebos, and live edge furniture for residential and commercial spaces. In order to increase production and reduce wood waste, Group CYP upgraded to a 2004 Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill.

Wood-Mizer Customer: Grupo CYP

Juan Sosa, Group CYP Logistics Manager, describes their entire production process from logs to final wood products that all starts with a Wood-Mizer sawmill. “Group CYP means construction and production, all in wood. We make anything from cabins and palm roofs, to docks, gazebos, handrails and more – all out of wood.”

Custom Built Cabin in Mexico

“We are located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo and have 40 employees. A portion of the employees work on site to perform work at the hotels, while others work with wood and as carpenters."

Grupo CYP Employee Planing Wood

“When we take on a woodworking job for a client, it's based on the client's need, which is our main focus. They'll say, ‘I need one, two, three rooms, or two stories,’ for example. We will do whatever is asked of the client. Our architect is responsible for drawing up the designs, blueprints and draft.”

Grupo CYP Models and Designs

“90% of our product is made out of Zapote – the palm roof structure, cabins, and decks. We use Zapote because it's the most durable.”

Grupo CYP Cabin in Playa del Carmen

“Once the wood is at our worksite in Playa del Carmen, we begin sawing. Our LT40 hydraulic sawmill was made in 2004, and we bought it to waste less wood. When we only used chainsaws, the blade's thickness caused more waste and it was much slower than cutting on our mill. The Wood-Mizer cut comes out much smoother, meaning less wood is wasted, and further smoothing is not needed.”

Group CYP worksite 

LT40 hydraulic sawmill in action


“Once we cut, we edge the wood, brush it, sand it, and then paint it. It is then up to the client to choose the color they want. That's the final step of our woodworking process. After that, we assign staff to complete the installations.”

Grupo CYP finished table

Group CYP bench


“Our goal, as Group CYP, is to keep the company ahead – not just for 5 years, but to continue as we are, leading the industry by producing quality work with qualified staff. We continue working hard to keep a stable business and be the best in our field.”


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