RazorTip Blades

RazorTIP Carbide Sawmill Blades

Once you use Wood-Mizer’s RazorTip carbide blade, you never go back! This blade cuts through the hardest of hardwoods while the triple chip style, carbide tipped tooth creates less sawdust and leaves behind a smooth finish that will have people thinking your lumber has already been treated and sanded. If tough wood is your business, the RazorTip Carbide blade will stay sharper longer and skyrocket your productivity

(Thickness X Width)
.97mm x 29mm (.038" x 1-1/8") 10° 12.7mm (1/2")
.90mm x 32mm (.035" x 1-1/4") 10°  12.7mm (1/2")
.90mm x 32mm (.035" x 1-1/4")
12° 15.9mm (5/8")
1.14mm x 32mm (.045" x 1-1/4")

22.23mm (7/8")
1.40mm x 51mm (.055" x 2")
28.58mm (1-1/8")
.90mm x 51mm (.035" x 2")
15.9mm (5/8")
1.27mm x 76mm (.050" x 3")
28.58mm (1-1/8")
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