• EG50 Single Blade Edger
  • EG50 Single Blade Edger
  • EG50 Single Blade Edger

EG50 Single Blade Edger

Entry-level single blade board edger with one 10" carbide-tipped blade, 10HP gas engine, 2 ¼" max board thickness and 12" max finished board width.3/H (350 bf/hr).


Entry-Level Single Blade Board Edger

Edging on your mill is certainly an option, but it monopolizes your mill’s time, keeping your mill away from what it does best: sawing. With the EG50 Single Blade Edger, you can saw and edge your flitches all in-line without ever having to set them down and pick them up again.

EG50 Single Blade Edger

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Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Pull Handle

Pull handle to adjust any board width in 38mm increments up to 304mm wide.

Single Blade

Single blade shown.

Easy Transport

Transport your mill and EG50 with one vehicle.


Material Thickness
Min. 6.3mm (.25")
Max. 57mm (2.25")
Material Width
Min. 50mm (2")
Max. 305mm (12")
Feed System
Manual Push
Feed Rate
Blade Diameter
254mm (10")
Blade Type
Machine Length
2.4m (8')
Machine Width
660mm (26") (914mm / 36" overall)
Machine Height
910mm - 1.2m (3'-4')(Adjustable)
Machine Weight
170kg (373 lbs)
Power Options
7.5kW (10HP) Gas