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EG100 Twin Blade Board Edger

Entry-level twin blade board edger with manual blade adjustment, gas power, one fixed/one adjustable 10” carbide-tipped circular blades, 20 ½” max width capacity, 12” max finished board width, and 30 fpm belt driven feed system.3/H (350 bf/hr).

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Entry-level twin blade board edger

The EG100 is an affordable, durable twin blade board edger designed to improve overall production, material flow, and efficiency by edging sideboards and slabs. Available in 10.4kW (14HP) gas or 7.5kW (10HP) electric power, the EG100 edger is generally operated by two people, one to feed the edger and the other to remove the finished boards. On the gas version, the conveyer speed is constant at 9m/min (30 fpm) while the electric version allows for variable control of the conveyer speed up to 0-14m/min (46 fpm).

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EG100 Twin Blade Board Edger

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Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Main Engine

10.4kW Kohler Gas Engine
Kohler gas engine provides sufficient power to process all wood types with minimal energy consumption

Manual Adjustment

Manual Blade Adjustment
Easily and precisely adjust the distance between the blades to produce accurately-sized timber.

Hold-Down Rollers

Hold-Down Rollers
Infeed and outfeed rollers keep the boards straight during edging.

Two Circular Blades

Two Circular Blades
One fixed/one adjustable 254mm carbide-tipped circular blades edge boards on both sides in a single pass.


Scale on the infeed allows operator to measure and edge boards accurately.

Board Fence

Board Fence
Easily removable board fence for edging boards with one straight side.


Material Thickness
Min. 6.3mm (.25")
Max. 57mm (2.25")
Material Width
Min. 50mm (2")
Max. 305mm (12")
Feed System
Manual Push
Feed Rate
Electric Version 
Variable 1-14m/min (0-46 fpm)

Gas Version
9m/min (30fpm)

Blade Diameter
254mm (10")
Blade Type
Machine Length
2.4m (8')
Machine Width
660mm (26") (914mm / 36" overall)
Machine Height
910mm - 1.2m (3'-4')(Adjustable)
Machine Weight
480kg (1,060 lbs)
Power Options
10.4kW (14HP) Gas
7.4kW (10HP) Electric 1Ph 240V
7.4kW (10HP) Electric 3Ph 240V
7.4kW (10HP) Electric 3Ph 480V