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EG400 Industrial Edger

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Extreme, Heavy-duty Edging

The EG400 is a rugged board edger that is at home behind industrial headrigs or other applications requiring a fast, accurate heavy-duty board edger. Capable of processing material up to 914mm wide and 102mm thick, it is equipped with an automatic variable speed feed that is set by the thickness of the piece being edged. The 22.4kW is powerful enough to rip through thick hardwoods, but not big enough to break your energy budget. Two 406mm inserted carbide teeth blades are mounted on a splined shaft and move in and out from center, allowing the use of an optional board tailer. Two lasers are included as standard equipment on the EG400, and it is equipped with anti-kickback protection and other safety features including a perimeter e-stop cable and electrically interlocked safety covers.

EG400 Industrial Edger

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Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Two Lasers

Two Lasers
Two included standard lasers help to determine correct board position, increasing yield and grade.

Chain Drive

Chain Drive
Heavy duty chain-drive system for long life and low maintenance.

Anti Kickback Fingers

Anti Kick-Back Fingers
Anti kick-back fingers ensure safe operation.

Board Reverse Function

Board Reverse Function
Stops the blades and reverses the feed rollers to clear jammed boards.

Two Blades

Two Moveable Blades
Easily access both 406mm (16”) blades which move in and out from center on a splined shaft.

Safety Stop

Safety Stop
Stops machine from 3 different sides.


Programador de corte Setworks

This option Includes both the LED 51mm display and remote control. (See above)

Digital LED display

LED 51mm Display
Optional 51mm Digital LED Readout

Remote control

Remote Control
Optional clip on remote control

Heavy duty outfeed belt

Available with optional 3.6m heavy-duty outfeed belt. (Also available with an additional 1.2m extension)

LED 51mm Display
Remote Control
Setworks (includes LED 51mm display and remote control)
Tailer with chain belt
Tailer with flat narrow belt
Tailer with flat wide belt
Tailer with flat wide belt 1.2m extensions

Honey Grove Hardwoods improved efficiency, yield, and profits by installing a complete Wood-Mizer system including an EG400 Edger. Read Their Story


22.4kW (30HP) Elec 460V/60Hz 3Ph
Blade System
Diameter 406mm (16")
Bore 90mm (3.5")
14 (Inserted)
7.1mm (0.28")
Blade RPM (No Load)
2,239 RPM
Cutting Capacity
Board Length 1m - Unlimited (42" - Unlimited)
Feed Width 914mm Max (36")
Board Width 76 - 711mm (3" - 28")
Cut Width 76 - 711mm (3" - 28")
Board Thickness 25 - 102mm (1" - 4")
Feed System
Feed Speed 25mm - 34 m/min (1" - 111 ft/min)
51mm - 24 m/min (2" - 78 ft/min)
102mm - 13 m/min (4" - 44 ft/min)
Feed Motor Horsepower 1.5kW (2HP)
Dimensions & Requirements
3.8m (12' 5")
1.6m (5' 3")
2.1m (6' 10")
Infeed table height
711 - 914mm (2' 4" - 3') Adj.
Infeed table length 2.4m (8')
1,700 kg (3,750 lbs)