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MP260 4-Sided Planer / Moulder

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The MP260 four-sided planer/moulder is a versatile, compact machine engineered for professional woodworkers, carpenters, or joiners in the construction trade. Affordable and easy to use, the MP260 planes and moulds boards on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of professionally finished products including flooring, planed boards, crown moulding, cabinet trim, paneling, door and window frames, and furniture components.

The MP260 planer/moulder has four cutting heads with the ability to produce single, two, three, and four-sided final products in various profiles. The MP260 has user-friendly measurement scales with a large 10” (260mm) wide x 3 ¾” (100 mm) high capacity for four-sided cutting. The capacity for one-side planing/moulding is 16 1/8” (410 mm) x 9 1/16” (230 mm) and two-sided is 11 13/16” (300 mm) x 9 1/16” (230 mm).

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Standard Features | MP260 Planer/Moulder

Centralized Control Panel

A centralized control panel allows the operator to start and stop all four cutter and power feed motors separately.

LT15 Head Up/Down

Easy-to-change Knife Profiles

Changing knives is simple and takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes which makes the production of small quantities of custom material more efficient and profitable.

Five Feed Rollers

Four steel and one rubber power roller steadily move the board through the machine to ensure a consistent profile from end to end even with uneven boards.

Log Clamps

Variable Feed Rate

The feed rate is adjustable from 6 – 36 ft/minute (2-12 m/minute) to efficiently process both softwood and hardwood material.

Adjustable Table Height

The table height is easily adjusted with a manual hand crank to precisely position the material before entering the machine.

Easy Shipping and Assembly

Heavy-duty Construction

Built to last with a heavy-duty cast-iron table, durable sheet steel chassis, and premium components. 

4 Cutting Heads

Four cutting heads plane and mould boards on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of finished products.

LT15 Head Up/Down

Multiple Extraction Points

Your chip extraction system connects to various extraction points located near the cutters to keep chips from building up in the machine.

Large Viewing Window

Large viewing window allows the operator to supervise the entire cutting process from rough sawn boards to final products.


Planing and moulding knives
Chip extractor system
Table extensions
Rubber feet rollers 
Power feed 13’ - 78’ 8” ft/min (4 - 24 m/min)

Machine Dimensions

Length & Width
3’ 7” x 2’ 11” (1100 mm x 900 mm)
3’ 2” (970 mm)
903lbs (410 kg)


4 Sided Planing/Moulding Max. Width - 10" (260mm)
Height - 3/8" - 3 3/4" (10-100mm)
2 Sided Planing/Moulding  Max. Width - 11 13/16" (300mm)
Height - 3/8" - 9 1/16" (10-230mm) 
1 Sided Planing/Moulding Max. Width - 16 1/8" (410mm)
Height - 9 1/16" (230mm)
Upper Horizontal Cutter
Diameter 2 1/4" (72mm) 
Width 16 1/8" (410mm)
Power 4 HP (3kW) 
Speed 6000 rpm
Max Cutting Depth 5/16" (8mm)
Max Profile Depth 3/4" (20mm) 
Lower Horizontal Cutter
Diameter 2 1/4" (72mm) 
Width 11 13/16" (300mm)
Power 4 HP (3kW) 
Speed 6000 rpm
Cutting Depth 0-1/8" (0-4mm)
Max Profile Depth 1/2" (15mm) 

Vertical Cutters
Spindle Diameter 1 3/16" (30mm) 
Max Cutter Height 3 3/4" (100mm)
Max Diameter 5 1/2" (140mm) 
Power 4 HP (3 kW)
Rotation Speed 6000 rpm
Max Cutting Depth approx 1 3/16" (30mm) 
Standard Planing Knives Included
Type TB90 steelz fzb
Diameter Head 3 1/2" (90 mm)
Height Head 1 1/2" (40 mm) 
Knife Type HSS 
Knife Width 1 15/16" (50 mm) 
Power Feed
Power 0.5 HP (0.37 kW)
Feed Speed 6-39 ft/min (2-12 m/min)
Total Power 16.5 HP (12.4 kW)
Connection 3Ph 400V, 50-60 Hz, 20A
3Ph 230V, 50-60Hz, 20A 
1Ph 230V, 60Hz, 50A