HR130 Horizontal Resaw

Entry-Level Horizontal Resaw with a Large Cant Capacity and Optional Setworks

The HR130 is an entry-level horizontal resaw with an innovative design that efficiently resaws cants into extremely accurate lumber, siding, and more. With a large 16" x 12" cant capacity and optional setworks, the HR130 is electric-powered and runs on all electrical drives which eliminates the need for hydraulics. Designed for hobbyists and professionals, the ability to efficiently recover slabs, process cants, and create lap siding makes the HR130 horizontal resaw a perfect addition for anyone who wants to get the most out of their sawn material or expand their product offering.


Electric-powered up/down controls ensure accurate height positioning of the resaw head when setting cut thickness. Optional setworks in imperial and metric allow for eight thickness presets for quick head height adjustments. Once the head is adjusted for the cut, the blade is engaged for resawing material into two pieces with each pass. Cants and boards up to 16" wide and 12" high are placed on the rubber belt conveyor with a variable feed adjustment from 0 - 85 feet per minute for optimal processing of various sized and type of material. A hold-down roller keeps material secure as it moves through the machine. For additional processing, material is returned to the conveyor and fed through the resaw until finished. An optional manual return system with three roller tables or a powered board return system assist with material flow when additional processing of material is required. The conveyor belt is easily adjusted and can be positioned at 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, or 8° in order to produce straight cut boards or angled siding. An optional shingle conveyor belt can be added to make shingles up to 18” long. With two sets of stop blocks on the belt, one end of the material is placed on the blocks while the other end is placed on the conveyor belt to create an angled cut for wood shingles.

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  • Resaw material up to 12" thick and 16" wide

  • 0 to 85 feet per minute variable feed rate

  • Setworks with digital blade position controls in imperial/metric

  • Powered head height adjustment and optional setworks

  • 0° to 8° degree tilting conveyor belt in 2° increments

  • Built in the USA

Popular Options

  • Setworks operates in imperial, decimal, and metric with eight thickness presets

  • Shingle conveyor belt produces shingles up to 18" long

  • Manual board return system with three roller tables increases efficiency for a two-person operation

  • Powered board return system automatically returns boards to the operator for additional processing

Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Steel Belt

Large Capacity
Compact design with a large 16" width capacity.

Tilting Cutting Head

8° Tilting Bed
Ideal for angled cuts that produce lap siding.

Steel Bandwheels

Simple to Operate
Easily integrates into existing sawmill operations.


Power Selections

15HP Electric

Head Height Electric Powered Adjustment
Blade Length 158"
Blade Width 1-1/4" (32mm)
1-1/2" (38mm)
Cant Length (minimum) 18"
Cant Width 1" - 16"
Cant Height 0.25" - 12"
Blade Wheel Diameter 19"
Blade Wheel Type Belted Cast Steel
Conveyor Width 12"
Feed Speed 0 - 85 ft/min
Due to many variables, feed speed will vary
Machine Width 72"
Machine Height 85"
Machine Length 78"
Weight 1,100 lbs (500 kg)